I am a consultant, coach and speaker, helping organisations transform their way of working based on Agile principles.

Speaking openly, I am by no means an 'agile veteran', having worked with Agile teams for just over five years, however in this short time I've already played the role of Coach, Scrum Master and Lean-Agile Portfolio Manager, meaning I am experienced and familiar with the challenges that one can face in undergoing a transformation initiative in a large, traditional organisation.

I have been fortunate enough to have already worked with a number of internal teams in the IT function of PwC, as well as leading teams to deliver a number of new products for a FTSE 100 organisation, leading to the creation of new revenue streams whilst improving user experience.

I believe in giving back to the community through sharing my own experiences, which has lead to me having content published on the Microsoft DevOps and Scrum Master Toolbox blogs, as well as speaking at conferences such as Agile.Delivery, Scan-Agile, AgileByExample and Agile in the City: London.