The world of Agile is becoming increasingly complex. With over 40 variations since the creation of the Agile Manifesto, many organisations struggle with the change that Agile can bring about, proceeding down the road of using stand-ups, boards and sprints without stopping to ask – why are we actually doing this?

Agile is a mindset, focused on iterative, incremental delivery of value. Organisations can get lost in the mire of Agile processes, forgetting this guiding principle. The unhealthy obsession with having roles and ceremonies yet still being unable to deliver frequently means that numerous initiatives to "go agile" fail. Add to this the lack of portfolio management and alignment to strategy, Agile will die a slow death or talk about with eye rolls due to its lack of real impact in the company.

I work with teams to help them understand the why, to value outcomes over outputs and to really transform the way value is created and delivered across the organisation. I help leaders understand how to be enablers in this environment, as well as breaking down silos that may exist with those who deliver to form cross-functional, collaborative teams.


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Speaking & Writing

On the continuous learning journey, I have been fortunate enough to speak at numerous recognised global Agile conferences, as well as numerous internal events. 

When speaking, I try to differentiate from other talks by always providing real examples/application and the stories that emerged from it, as opposed to general thought leadership.

Writing is another one of my passions, having authored numerous internal blogs within a big four organisation, I have also had content published on the Microsoft DevOps and Scrum Master Toolbox blogs.


Coaching & Facilitation

I am dedicated to helping organisations evolve their ways of working based on agile values and principles. 
Whether it be through coaching agile leadership, guiding teams towards collaboration and continuous improvement, or helping practitioners learn/experiment with new concepts, I treat everyone differently through a framework agnostic approach.

I am also experienced in workshop facilitation, helping individuals come together to define MVPs as well as using games to learn about Agile principles.