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My aim is for you to come away from my talks feeling inspired or even just curious about experimenting with the concept I have spoken about. As well as being someone who wants to hear more about your story if you do.

I am incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to speak at leading industry conferences as well to internal groups on different topics related to Agile. For my talks, I like to combine humour, demonstrate fallibility and always provide real examples of applying the topic I'm speaking about. 

Coaching In A Data-Driven World

My most frequently given talk, it's based on an 18 month experiment of using data-based coaching with teams. What is data-based coaching? Data-based coaching uses data visualisation as a basis for safe conversations and open questions, as well as facilitating more informed, transparent decision making whilst staying true to our Agile roots... I have two versions of the session, a lightening talk (15 minutes) format and extended talk (30-45 minutes) format, all of which show real examples and application of the concept.

Building an MVP in an Afternoon

A short talk I gave at an internal Unconference at PwC. This demonstrates the building of an MVP without code, creating a prototype mobile event app using a Google Jamboard for a rough mockup and then Google Slides/InVision to create the prototype in a few hours. Great for those who 'fear' the concept of MVP and feel you need to have development skills to create something of value for users. Ideal for a lightening talk for a small group who may be just starting out on their agile journey.

Learning Agile Using Lego



A talk/workshop I created for an internal Unconference at PwC. This game introduces the 12 principles of the Agile Manifesto as well as cost of delay, in a simple format using Lego. Through 3 rounds individuals help learn about prioritising work effectively, as well as why having high work in progress (WIP) elongates cycle time and increasing delay cost. This can be run with 6-12 people over a 45 minute-1 hour period.

Kanban 101




A short talk that introduces Kanban to people who may not be familiar with the kanban method. This introduces the basic principles of the kanban method, explains real examples of application in large organisation, supported empirically as to the success of Kanban. This session also gets individuals to experience flow/small batch sizing with the 'penny game' as well as a takeaway kanban tower for those who want to take their kanban journey further. Ideal for those who would like a lightweight introduction to an approach that may be suitable for their environment, regardless of their domain.

A is for Agile, not anarchy


A short talk that introduces the agile manifesto to people, as well as what agile organisations look like, inspired by Steve Denning's 3 laws of Agile.
After running through the 3 laws, I present case studies of large scale organisations that have transformed their IT departments to be inspired by Agile principles, and the empirical success they have enjoyed.